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Equipment for recycling of scrap tires

Extractor of tire ring wires VNS-01

Extractor of tire ring wires is used to extract tire ring wires and its parts from truck tires (i.e. it doesn‘t
matter if the tire ring wire is torn) and from the tires used for passenger cars.
Its use is beneficial in particular as the first machine in the line during the recycling of tires. Tire ring
wires are made of high quality steel and thus significantly affect the wear out on the shredder knives.
Thus the extractor significantly saves the costs for the operations of the entire lines. The extracted tire
ring wires serve as a suitable raw material for secondary processing.
Technical parameters :
The extractor works in the automatic or manual mode. The hydraulic power places the tires into the
working position to allow the ring wire to be extracted. Reliability of this equipment is guaranteed by
its sufficiently rigid construction, with the hydraulics by Parker and the Fanuc control system. This was
verified by six months of continuous operations.
Maximum tire size: diameter of up to 1,500 mm and width of up to 500 mm
Quantity of processed tires: 24 units per hour (i.e. 48 extracted wires)
Required power: 26 kW
Width: 1800 mm
Length: 3,400 mm
Height: 2,800 mm
Weight: 3,500 kg

Two-rotor shredder DRH 1600

A two rotor chipping shredder is used to shred tires from trucks and passenger vehicles or other rubber
material. The machine is used in the first stage of shredding on the lines for recycling of tires; it is intended
to operate in the open space. It produces chips in the size of 50 x 50 to 50 x 400 mm.
Technical parameters :
Size of working space: 1,400 x 1,630 mm
Nominal output: 3,000 kg/ hour
Maximum output: 5,000 kg/ hour
Power: Two REXROTH hydraulic engines
Required power: 160 kW
Supplying of material: through the belt conveyor into a hopper
Total equipment weight: 18,000 kg