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Sokolovské strojírny a.s., was established on May
1, 1992 by the privatization of the state owned
enterprise Sokolovské strojírny Sokolov. However,
the beginnings of the company reach all the
way to the year 1931, when the company started
to operate under the name The Central Workshop
of Brown Coal Mining Company. In 1953
the company was operating under the name
The Central Sokolov Workshop and since the
year 1969 the company is known as Sokolovské
strojírny (The Sokolov Machinery Works). A large
part of the company‘s activities is connected
with Sokolovská uhelná a.s. In March of 2009
Sokolovské strojírny a.s., was divided into two
new joint stock companies - Sostroj, a.s., located
in Sokolov (a former Sokolov division) and Strojírny
Cheb a.s., located in Cheb (a former Cheb
division). Sokolovské strojírny a.s. continues in its
activities and manages both newly established